Ok here is a tutorial on modding Halo PC (any map works, but I will be using beavercreek). I will teach you how to jump higher, run faster, change what the bitmaps look like (bitmaps are what everything looks like), change the projetiles of weapons/vehicles, change vehicles/weapons, change vehicle speed, change vehicle option such as make it where you can drive and shoot the gun at the same time, change the reload time on the weapon and make it have more ammo, and I will be teach you how to do other things that I will not put in this paragraph so I do not spoil it and to not bore you.

What you need:


Download from:
Halo Tutorials home page
Halo program directory

Halo maps
Halo maps (backup)
I will show you how to get the above maps below

First to get to the maps and to make a backup of your maps:

Locate if you have a Halo icon your computer
then go down and click Find Target, ,and the maps should be in the maps folder, , ,if they are not I do not know how you do not get an error saying can't find the maps or get a fatal error, halo maps folder backup with maps in it(make sure you have this just in case you mess up, do not mod this or mess with them), Halo(of course,lol), and Winrar if you do not want to download this I will put the files into a format you can use. Second: open up HMTv3.5 and open a map (ex. beavercreek).

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