HMT Three

If you closed the map or program and don't remember how to open a map click here to go to the tutorial.

First: Scroll down to the +[proj] Projectile [21 items] then scroll down and pick whatever projectile you want to change and click on it (exp. Weapons\pistol\bulet) click on it.

Second: Above it in the Tag Information Click the box (right beside the Meta and some numbers) that says SWAP now it should show a lot of numbers that may look confusing at first but they are not that confusing after you been modding awhile. Now you scroll down in the box that comes up and click on whatever projectile you want to change it to. (exp. the old code should say something like this if you used pistol (98F482) then I changed my to (959C26) Weapons\rocket launcher\rocket. ) then click Save beside Revert.

Third: Whenever you get done (make sure you save) then click close map and then copy the map from the your map directory/folder with the map you just modded. To the Maps Directory/Folder in the properities by right clicking on the Halo Icon on your desktop then click find target and you should see the folder that says Maps.

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