If you closed the map or program and don't remember how to open a map click here to go to the tutorial.

First: Scroll down to + [Vehi] Vehicle (6 Items)

Second: Click on whatever vehicle you want (exp. Vehicles\Warthog\Mp_warthog) and go to the Tag Editor and find the place that should say Seat next to it should be a box and a arrow click the arrow several numbers should come up right now all you have to worry about is the 0 witch is the driver.

Third: click on the 0(driver) and underneath the box there is several circle's with name's beside them not all of them has to be clicked or checked with circles.

Fourth: What you want to have clicked for the driver is (for all of them if you want to go in and change all of them some should already have it) Third Person, Drives Vehicle, and Fires Weapon all of these should have a circle in them for this to work especiall the first two they should already be clicked but to fire a weapon and still drive the third one should be clicked.

Fifth: All so if you want to make it harder to be killed there is a botton at the top that says Driver Take Damage with a two circle's with names that should say off or on to make it where you don't take damage click the one that says off the one that says on should already be the first thing on before you change it. You don't necessarily have to change this too on or off it is just a fun thing to do.

What you just did was made it where you can drive a vehicle say warthog and shoot at the same time. Also made it where you take damage or you don't occording to witch one you clicked.

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