HMT Four

If you closed the map or program and don't remember how to open a map click here to go to the tutorial.

First: Scroll down to witch ever one you want (I will give a sample of both)(We will due Vehicles first) + [Vehi] Vehicle (6 Items) and click the plus sign. (Don't mess with anything in the Tag Editor that will be in another tutorial).

Second:. In the Tag Information Box click the SWAP box and scroll down and click whatever you want. (exp. Vehicles\Warthog\Mp_warthog)(And change it to ( BFB872)Vehicles\Banshee\Banshee_mp and click save).

Third: Click the + [Weap] Weapon (20 Items).

Fourth: Click SWAP and click whatever you want (exp. We will due Weapons\Pistol\Pistol)(change it to Weapons\Gravity Rifle\Gravity Rifle) and click save.

Fifth: Whenever you get done (make sure you save) then click close map and then copy the map from the your map directory/folder with the map you just modded. To the Maps Directory/Folder in the properities by right clicking on the Halo Icon on your desktop then click find target and you should see the folder that says Maps.

What you just did is on the vehicle is you changed what appered in that spot say instead of a Warthog a Banshee or the same on a weapon you changed it what weapon appered there say a instead of a Pistol a Gravity Rifle appered there.

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