HMT Five

If you closed the map or program and don't remember how to open a map click here to go to the tutorial.

First: Scroll down to + [Vehi] Vehicle (6 Items) and click the pluss sign.

Second: Next we will scroll down to wichever vehicle you want to do (exp. Vehicles\Warthog\Mp_warthog)

Third: Go to the Tag Editor and search for the Top Speed(Forward), Top Speed(Reverse), Acceleration, and Deceleration Then look beside them you should see a box that will be full of numbers. (Exp. 0.22)

Fourth: If you want to change these to be faster or to be slower (Faster and Slower are a chalenge in a real game) To make it faster we will be using the number above as an exp. 0.22 to make you self faster just change it to exp. 0.26 make sure you have the 0.- if you don't it is allright (It won't mess up your computer or anything, lol) it will just make it super fast.

Fifth: To make it slower change it to something like this 0.18 or you can all so do something like this 0.022. Both will make it slower try different things and experiment.

Sixth: You will be changeing the different numbers for the four I told you above but the one that will be making the most impact is acceleration.

What you just did was make it were you go faster or slower by changeing the speed rate.

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