There will be two places to download mediafire and Off of this websitefor most.

Click on either to be taken to the download site.

If one goes down please tell me.


This aimbot may not work with Windows Vista or 7. I have not tried them if someone can confirm by filling a help form here. Thank You and this goes for both Aimbots.

Here Is a download for the Aimbot: This is one require's Winrar, 7zip, or another compression software:

Adfly link:
Not Adfly Link:

This one doesn't: Adfly link:
Not Adfly link:

View the tutorial on this website: Halo Aimbot Tutorial

Here is a different Aimbot if the above no longer works in Halo PC or CE. It is called Halo Universal Aimbot.

This was not made by me. The author and original download can be found at:

Adfly link:
Not Adfly link:http://www.vivid-

HMT download: .rar format:

HMT .ZIP format:

Halo CE: HHTv.5 (A modding program for halo ce does about the same as HMT) .RAR format:

.ZIP format:

Here is the Halo C E or Custom Edition

(it is not made by me but it is on the halo maps website, the official website):

The Halo CE does not have the patch to it. It will be automatically downloaded when you connect to the Internet.