Aimbot Tutorial

The aimbot is a fairly simple tool to use and can have amazing effects.

First: What you will do is open up Halo PC. Preferbly Halo PC Combat Evolved because it doesn't work on Halo Demo Trial and on Halo CE it messes up real easy it goes all grey. I would say start a match or join a match and hide or just do the next steps even if you die.

Second: You will mash or press the desktop button or window button that has three windows that look like a flag and you should go back to your desktop screen and it should have halo at the bottom. Then go to where your aimbot is and open it up Then change everything to fit these numbers.

Third: Change to fit these:

         Z-Target Radius 1000

         Z-Target FOV 800

         Z-Target Height .5

         Z-Target Lead 10 or 10.0

Fourth: Now you should Z-Targetting (Shift) button several times. Now you can click on the Halo button on the bottom of your desktop screen where the Toolbar is and (DO NOT CLOSE THE AIMBOT) now you should see a 10 flashing in the bottom of your halo screen and that is it you now should have a working Halo Aimbot if you did every thing right.

Fifth: Have Fun! Remember never use Aimbot in any kind of official event. Only use it for fun, you never know who you might piss off.