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Before you do any thing make 2 folders with all of your maps one as the one your going to mod and another folder for backup purposes. I will teach you how to get this in the first tutorial of the program you click on. Tutorials on the bottom of the page. Click here to go straight to the tutorial

first you need a program to open .RAR file types

here is a site to get:


There is also will be a .ZIP which will open on most computers.

Just click on the right thing that says .RAR or .ZIP

There will be three places to download File Factory and mediafire.

Click on either to be taken to the download site.

If one goes down please tell me.

HMT download: .7z format
HMT download: .rar format:

HMT .ZIP format:

Halo CE: HHTv.5 (A modding program for halo ce does about the same as HMT)

.7z format:

.RAR format:

.ZIP format:

Here is the Halo C E or Custom Edition

(it is not made by me but it is on the halo maps website, the official website):

The Halo CE does not have the patch to it. It will be automatically downloaded when you connect to the Internet.

Click here for the HMTv3.5 tutorials

Go to the tutorials: Click Here