HMT Seven

If you closed the map or program and don't remember how to open a map click here to go to the tutorial.

First: Scroll down to + [Weap] Weapon (20 Items).

Second: Click on whatever you want (Exp. Weapons\Pistol\Pistol)

Third: Go to the Tag Editor and go down to Clip with a box and arrow click the arrow and click the 0(0-should be the only one on most weapon's) you will get sent back to the top this is alright just scroll back down. Underneath the Box that you just clicked 0 should have 5 things that should say Starting Ammo, Maximum Ammo, Clip Size, Reload Size and Shots Reloaded, They should have numbers now. (The Starting Ammo, Clip Size and the Shots Reloaded should have the same number allways, Inless you want to reload several times to get a full ammo)

Fourth: To make it have more ammo change the Starting Ammo, Maximum Ammo, Clip Size and Shots Reloaded to have a higher value or lower if you want it to(exp. SA-200 to 250 MA-400 to 450 SR-200 to 250 CS-200 to 250)

Fifth: To make it faster or slower reload change the Reload Time to a lower number for faster reload or to a higher number for slower reload. (exp. 4.5 to 1.1 or 4.5 to 5.5)

What you just did was made it where you have more ammo or less ammo. and made it where you reload faster or slower.

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