If you closed the map or program and don't remember how to open a map click here to go to the tutorial.

This will show you how to make the cyborg (master chief) to jump higher and run faster.

First: scroll down to +--[bipd] biped (2 items) and click the + sign and two things will pop up underneath it click on one(you will be doing the same to the other one you clicked) (ex. characters/cyborg/cyborg) on the tag editor some words should come up.

Second: click immune to falling, thin go to jump height it should say 0.07 change that to whatever (ex.0.14), also you can click walk on walls if you want to walk on walls, the others I do not know what they do for sure I will in the future make another tutorial on them once I mess with them.

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Third: click save make sure you click save then you can now close the map and copy and paste it in the maps folder on the Halo PC Properties.

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